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remlingerfarmslogo.jpg (5922 bytes) -- Remlinger Farms, Carnation, WA

Remlinger Farms

32610 NE 32nd St

Carnation, WA 98014

Remlinger Farms is located in Carnation, WA, about 25 miles east of Seattle.  Take I-90 to North Bend and take exit 22 (Preston/Fall City).  Drive north on Hwy 202 into Fall City.  Take a right at the stop sign and an immediate left after the bridge.  You are now on Hwy 203.  Continue north about 5 miles until you see the big Remlinger Farms sign just before the bridge into Carnation.
(425) 333-4135



The Farm's kiddie rollercoaster is a pretty standard ride.   What makes it special is the great amount of theming that went into a simple ride.   Riders enter through a fake cave before embarking on a wild ride around rocks, trees, and shrubs.

The Tolt River Railroad is the farm's beautiful miniature steam train.  It takes riders through the woods, past several animal cages, and finally into a dark tunnel.  It is one of the best train rides anywhere and is the star attraction at Remlinger Farms.

The Antique Auto Adventure is a great car ride.  It starts out going through rocks and trees and finishes up in the beautiful green grass.

Above (and below) is the Flying Pumpkins ride.   To the right is the Spinning Tubs Of Fun.


Above is the Canoe Ride.  The Canoe Ride has a great queue line with some cool Native American theming.

Micah got to ride on "Spicy Beans" the pony while at Remlinger Farms.  The pony ride is free with your admission to the park.  (Nice bonus.)  Look how handsome he looks sitting atop his mighty steed.   (He must get that from his father!)

This is the track from the pedal car ride.   Riders pedal their way along a course complete with banked turns, bumps, sharp corners, and a bridge.  The ride is a lot of fun and quite a workout too.   The bottom left shows Clay navigating the course while below Micah gives it a try.

This is the scary looking Swing Carousel.
Right:  Bubba shows off his Hay Jumping abilities.

Below:  The Hay Maze.

Below Right:  The boys just can't find their way out.

The Kiddie Ferris Wheel

Before you can ride anything you have to find out how tall you are.  Micah was a bunny, Abby was a sheep, and Owen and Eber were both chicks.

The Farm is full of animals including the baby goat above, which was located in the petting zoo.

There's a lot of old machinery located around the farm.  From worn-down tractors, to old school buses and fire trucks, to the antique cars pictured on the left.